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I didn’t feel comfortable in modern times. I really didn’t feel comfortable in the Renaissance era. I believe the girl got jealous because there were so much cleavage, because back then everything was tied down that she was a little bit jealous of the fact that I was looking at women from that era and their dresses.___George Lopez | Take Me Out | FOX

George Lopez
Take Me Out | FOX
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Take Me Out, a new dating show airs on FOX on Thursdays, at 8 o’clock  will introduce the Flirty 30, all 30 women, as they make a huge entrance walking down the stairs, which is an amazing feat in itself that they don’t go down like dominos. Then 15 get on one side and 15 get on the other, and in the middle is what they call the Love Lift, where the bachelor will come down and make his first appearance. They won’t see this guy until he comes out of the Love Lift.  Then he greets one side and greets the other and at that point, they’re looking at everything. It’s a game where first impression is everything.

I had a chance to chat with George Lopez to find out what qualities I need to have to earn a date with him, and why it would be difficult for a young man to date his daughter.

What would a girl like me have to do to get a date with you?

George Lopez: I would say you have a sense of humor, not take yourself too seriously, be honest, pick up after yourself, love to stay at home and not do much. I really don’t go out a lot. So if I was playing the game myself, I know that I would probably be blacked out, which is when all the lights go out, because I don’t do much in real life.  I think a girl would probably say I need a guy that’s more exciting.

What are some of your turnoffs?  

George Lopez: I don’t like people that are messy for one, or that are insecure. I’ve had an interesting life, so I’m very confident, and I don’t like people who are a little bit timid and unsure. I like somebody to be sure.

What are some of your dating downfalls?

George Lopez: I’ll tell you what when I was dating, I was the king of the first date.  I think I revealed too much about myself too soon, which is also a turnoff and a pet peeve to a lot of the girls, which you find out.  Talking too much about oneself, or being negative when you talk, or revealing too much too soon or becoming too attached to soon, which is also one of my traits that didn’t work out.

Describe your most memorable fun date?

George Lopez:    I went to the Renaissance Fair one time; that was interesting. I think I ate one of those huge turkey legs, got sick and then I had to go to Ye, everything was Ye, Ye Medical Center or something like that. Yes, but I didn’t feel comfortable in modern times. I really didn’t feel comfortable in the Renaissance era. I believe the girl got jealous because there were so much cleavage, because back then everything was tied down that she was a little bit jealous of the fact that I was looking at women from that era and their dresses.

What would a guy have to do to impress your daughter since you mentioned first impression is important?  

George Lopez: He would have till I’m dead to take her out, because I don’t want to be alive while she’s dating, so as soon as he found out that I passed, he could find his way over to the house.

What is the difference between the European version and the American version that would make it successful here?

George Lopez: One of the most difficult things, listen, one of the things that’s great about Take Me Out is it’s already a proven success in Europe.  It’s a little cheeky as they say back then it’s cute.  So the game comes to America and it takes a completely different format and style; same format, same game, but the answers are a little more honest, because we’re a different culture in the United States.  Even though the girls are very exotic and multi-cultural, they’re all really looking for the same thing, but when they see it, they back away from it.

What would you say these women are looking for?

George Lopez: It’s really very interesting to see.  They’ll say I want a guy that works out. I want a guy that’s independent.  I want a guy that has his own business. You’ll bring that guy out and they’ll say, well, he works too much. He won’t have time for me. I want a guy that is a little bit, doesn’t work out as much. When are you going to find time to fit me in?  After they had already said this is what I want. So it’s great to watch, because you can watch someone say what they want and then turn their light off when you deliver that guy.

Is this show somewhat psychological?

G. Lopez    They’re quite honest and I’ve tried to figure it out.  It becomes very psychological, because I try to figure out what they’re thinking, because I know the girls and the guys don’t, but I also see the guys in rehearsal. So I try to match them and play a little game within the game myself. I can’t even figure it out. Their first impressions, then you go talk to them and then you come back and you tell the guy, hey, man, you’re doing great. You got 25 lights on, but how many lights will he have on after round two. Then round two they reveal a little bit about them personally; what they do for a living, what they like to do, what their hobbies are. Then you judge how many lights are on then. All they need to do is keep one light on, and then there’s a third round, where it’s a little bit more maybe a talent or maybe something that they’re interested in as a hobby. Then girls can decide while their package is being played to turn off, so it makes a sound like beuwww, so if a guy says the love of my life is my seven year old daughter, you’ll just hear beuwww, beuwww, beuwww, and you go and talk and they’ll say I want a guy that doesn’t have a child.  I want to be the most important person in his life, and you’ll get to hear honestly what turns them off.

What are some of the things that guys should keep secret when trying to impress a date?

George Lopez: That’s difficult because I see these guys walk out, the one thing that all the women have in common is, they like a guy who walks with some confidence or swagger as they say now, but there’s a fine line between being arrogant. There was a guy that actually got a date that referred to himself in the third person, which was interesting, because he’d be the third wheel at his own date. So he talks about himself in the third person, which I thought would be a turnoff to everybody, but he ended up getting a date. I don’t know how the date went yet, but I think they’ve gone on a date, but a guy has to have some confidence, and they love a great smile. They go from posture, to confidence, to hairstyle, to clothes, to his belt, so I would say a guy would have to try to be as real as he could be, but then also confident. If he’s lacking a little bit in it, they’re going to find out, so he’s got to be a little confident.

How do you think most men feel about strong and independent women?

George Lopez: I would like to think that most guys would be check me out, I got her, a strong independent own voice structurally sound in her life. I believe a guy would be confident enough to be secure with that. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that’s the case. I think guys are threatened by a woman with a strong opinion, and/or that it instead of flourishing with a woman like that where you say I have an equal that challenges me, I think a lot of guys would wilt under that personality. So unfortunately, even competitively if a guy bowls with a girl and the girl is good, the guy wants to win and get to say when he loses where he really should say, listen, I think it’s great that we competed and you beat me. That we can go out and have a good time, and I don’t have to be the winner every time.

Have you had a chance to watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette?

George Lopez:    Yes, those shows, I’ve watched The Bachelor this season.  I’m a friend of the creator.  I had gotten away from it a little bit, but when I was at ABC, I watched it a lot.  That was a whole season of revelations and revealing a little bit about somebody, and who you like, and who you don’t like in through 24 weeks or so.

How different is Take Me Out from that show?

George Lopez: Take Me Out is four individually wrapped guys in one hour, so you don’t have to stay involved or connected the whole season when in an hour, you can see four different guys and four types of guys.  Then maybe a guy will get a date, and maybe a guy will get blacked out, which is when all the lights go off.  The guy has to then leave walking up the stairs the girls had just walked down while the whole audience, 500+ and 30 girls, sing All By Myself  waving their arms.  So a lot of those other shows don’t have something like that, but it tells you, because there are so many cooking shows and people eat and they survive, hundreds of them.  Dating as well, everybody is trying to find the right match; whether it’s on the Internet, or dating services, or learning something from dating shows, or seeing something that’s familiar to you, or unfamiliar.  I think Take Me Out can be a little bit of a tutorial on how to make an impression the first time somebody sees you.

Are there any characters we need to look out for on this series? And what kind of contestants were selected?

George Lopez: Yes, there’s a few characters.  There’s some that are very tall.  There’s some that are short that are really hard on guys for their appearance and they don’t look like they’ll ever get a date. Then there’s some surprises where girls you don’t think would get picked would get picked.

Were you able to detect chemistry between any of the contestants?

George Lopez: It didn’t happen in all the dates, but when a guy is honest and the girl is honest, and they make an initial connection if they look at each other, the guy will say I noticed her noticing me from the start.  I stand in the middle of the guy and the girl and you can actually feel the chemistry between the two people.  It’s wild, because you can’t see it, but I can feel the connection between two people.  It’s a little bit of what made Love Connection so great, but on a larger scale.

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