Eva longoria: Christina Aguilera is so relevant now

Eva Longoria is a superwoman with a title that reads actress, producer and political speaker. She walks off the sets of “The Truth” and “Long Time Gone” movies to the Democratic platform in Charlotte, NC, then on to the stage of the ALMA Awards to pay tribute to Latino performers who promote positive images of Hispanics. In between these high profile events, she campaigns for President Barack Obama, run her charities, serves on various boards, host events, and make television appearances in her red bottoms. She is also pursuing a Masters degree in Chicano Studies/Political Science. Her resume reads like a Steven Spielberg’ hit movie credits; endless. How does she do it?

“You make it work,” she told me in a recent interview promoting The ALMA Awards.

The former Desperate Housewives actress returns for the fifth year as producer and co-host of the 35th ALMA Awards, celebrating the nation’s Latino performers who promote accurate and positive images of Hispanics in entertainment.

Eva’s involvement with the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Latino civil rights advocacy organization in the US, began during The Young and the Restless, through events, advocacy and activism. With the return of the ALMA Awards, she had an opportunity to form a strong partnership which now allows her to be an active producer.

Janet Murguira, President and CEO of NCLR and executive producer of the ALMA described Eva as a champion and advocate for the Latino community. “She is a true friend and a longtime supporter for both NCLR and the ALMA Awards,” she said.

As a community, more Latinos have to get behind the camera to create their own stories and image. Eva has been very instrumental in moving forward as a group. As executive producer on Devious Maids, show that tells the story of four lead Latinos complex lives, she stressed that “the community writers, producers and directors need to create their own stories.”

“We have a lot to do,” Eva said.

The ALMA Awards is an important platform for the Latin community that has improved over the years. Eva explained, it is important for NCLR and the Latin community to showcase positive portrayals of Latinos in music, television, film and to make sure they are showing the best.

“At a time when some communities are under attack, it is our responsibility to put our best foot forward.” Eva added, “This is what we look like. These are our contributions.”

Latino looks, presence and contributions are strong everywhere especially in the areas of entertainment and media; boasting representatives like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and others. One prominent face is Christina Aguilera, pop singer and judge on The Voice. She will be honored with a special achievement award for music and her philanthropic work behind the scenes.

“She is so relevant now because her show is really big, and everything that she has been doing philanthropically.” Eva continued, “So we thought it‘s time to honor her.”

The celebration will also applaud the great contributions of Chech and a tribute to legends will be presented by Lupe Octiveros, Olympian Ryan Lochte and other American Latino Olympians, as well.

The award comes at a very important time in the Latino community. They were main focus at both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. According to Ms. Murguira, “We are the fastest growing group of voters in the country and are poised to make a real difference in this year‘s election.”

It is a critical election year, and a lot of emphasis will be placed on encouraging folks to vote. This is a reminder to Latinos that every vote counts and that they have a say in this election.

This group has an incredible amount of talent and economic power. They have an increasing demography of more than 50 million people and the fastest growing consumer market with more than $1 trillion of annual buying power.

Eva wants everyone to know that the ALMA Awards is a platform of inclusion, celebrity diversity and having a mix balance which includes collaborations with presenters and performers. For example, rap superstars Pitbull, FloRida along with the talented Roselyn Sanchez are producers of the ALMA’s theme song.


2012 NCLR ALMA Awards®, a star-studded kickoff to Hispanic Heritage Month that will air Friday, September 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) on NBC. America Ferrera, Michael Pena, Nicole Richie and Wilmer Valderrama will be among the many presenters.

Interviewed by Daedrian McNaughton | Premier Guide Media
September 2012

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