Governor Jennifer Granholm All Fired Up

Governor Jennifer Granholm All Fired Up
At the Democratic National Convention 2012 held in Charlotte, North Carolina, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm had fire in her gut when she delivered one of the most electrifying speech during the forum.

Before her big stage performance at the convention I had an opportunity to speak with the governor.

This political showdown is not new to the governor. She has run tough elections in the past. She may not have been that energetic or bombastic in the past, but politics and the everyday issues affecting people have long been her cause and passion.

After spending two terms a public servant serving as Michigan’s governor, she has become tougher as a speaker and a political analyst.

In her speech, she showed her fiery side and strong support for President Barack Obama, praising the federal bailout of Detroit’s major auto companies, Chrysler and General Motors in 2009.

The same intensity she showed on stage is what she brings as host of The War Room, a week nightly news and commentary show on Current TV.

The owners at Current were struck by her presence. David Bohrman, Current TV president said he was blown away at the way she lit up the room and took charge during one of his meetings with her. They are confident that she can manage the mechanics of a television program.

Impressed by her insightfulness, intelligence, and effectiveness as a leader, the creators of  Current TV thought she would be an asset to their team. She understands the issues that are at the heart of this campaign and election process.

In our interview, the politically direct governor described the election period as intense and exciting which she revealed on stage at the DNC 2012.

The War Room with Governor Jennifer Granholm provides a look into the 2012 campaign from the inside out.

“We are going to bring our own brand to the viewers,” she shared.

David Bohrman has endorsed the governor’s strategy and praised her as a winning, effective and smart candidate and a campaign operative who can bring other people to the table to help us understand what’s going on in the 2012 campaign.

Jennifer Granholm brings a unique perspective to the show being the governor of Michigan during the worst economic period, since the Great Depression. Here she has first hand experience of the state high unemployment rate.

“I don’t think there’s anybody out there who is a former governor who has lived this job issue like I have, and like our citizens in Michigan have,” the Governor said.

Current TV CEO and founder, Al Gore, described the governor as unique. “If she had not been born in Canada she would have been a leading candidate for President of the United States, and would have been possibly the first woman President of the U.S.”

She may have left the job as governor in Michigan, but politics still occupies her time with her ongoing affiliation with Meet the Press on Sundays. Prior to accepting the position at Current TV, she served on several private and public boards such as Dow and others. She has since resigned from all her other commitments except teaching with temporary appointments along with her husband at the University of California at Berkeley.

“This requires a full time presence in the Bay Area, and the travel associated with those commitments would have been very difficult.”

She is obsessed with how jobs are created in America, and what the candidates are saying about that. She is more interested in the solutions they are putting on the table to be able to share, and bring experts on the show, and people with knowledge to give viewers a sense of what works, what doesn’t. And not just the policy but on the actual election itself.

“I’ve got something to say about the current election, and so being able to bring that unique perspective is what current is looking to do,” she said.

The War Room discussions will not be the typical crossfire with people sniping at each other or battling over their talking points on the air. Instead there will be in depth, intelligent discussions on some of these issues.

In 2010, the governor left office with a very low approval rating. She addressed the issue of quick fixes stating, “When the economy is lousy it is going to bear the weight of expectations of citizens who want immediate solutions.” A situation that President Obama now finds himself in with the weak economy.

Her objective is to help people understand that’s the reality the President has to bear, but also a reality that Congress has to bear as well. She intends to discuss and unearth, and look at what the solutions are to provide immediate and long term relief for citizens.

It is also fair to point out that the governor was reelected in a down economy when all indicators were going the other way, and was reelected by a large margin. The largest number of votes ever cast in Michigan, which the governor thinks it is an interesting perspective to bring on whether it is possible for President Obama to be reelected in a down economy.

A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future is co-authored by the governor and her husband, Daniel Mulhern which lays out the challenge the country is facing. The auto industry survived and is booming again, showing the beginnings of this economic resurgence which she laid out the ground work.

According to Former Vice President, Al Gore, the governor has been on the front lines and she understands the issues of economic struggles in a way that few do.

Interviewed by Daedrian McNaughton | Premier Guide Media
Current TV, The War Room with Jennifer Granholm.

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