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NIVEA partners with Lifechangers expert Dr. Drew, celebrity couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn and Editor-in-Chief, Rosy Cordero to kick-off the Million Moments of Touch Movement, a year-long program that aims to get couples kissing, hugging and touching one again. NIVEA has a hunch that modern, fast –paced living was taking a toll on touch, intimacy and relationships so they commissioned a study to conduct research and obtain a deeper understanding.  It turns out that we literally touch our cell phones more than we touch a loved one.  In addition NIVEA discovered that:


·         Nearly half of American adults (48.8%) say they want more affectionate touch than they already receive.

·         Nearly equal percentages of women (74.5%) and men (74.4%) agree that Americans are in a state of “skin hunger,” a desire for more touch and human connection than they receive.

·         When asked what would make them less likely to touch or kiss someone else affectionately, these were the most popular conditions named:

a.    Kissing someone with dry or cracked lips (79.5%)

b.    Touching someone whose skin appears scaly (76.9%)

c.    Touching someone whose skin appears flaky (51.3%)

d.    Kissing someone with chapped lips (46.2%)

e.    Touching someone with dry skin (28.2%)

·         Men were more likely than women to name dry skin as a reason not to touch someone. Men were also more likely to name dry or cracked lips as a reason not to kiss someone. There were no sex differences in the other behaviors.

·         We touch our cell phones more often than we touch each other. 57.2% of Americans say they touch their cell phones “always or quite a bit,” whereas 28.6% say they touch a family member and 16.7% say they touch their closest friend always or quite a bit.

·         74% of adults said that couples who go on regular dates touch each other affectionately more often.

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