No Drama Latin Reality Series, Vive La Vie

“We wanted people to enjoy their lives through us, and live life.”

Produced and hosted by Perla Machaen, Vive la Vie is a Fox Life docu-series documenting the lifestyle of 12 Mexican socialites as they travel, explore and experience the best things life has to offer. The series was produced in Mexico for Latin America. Follow Perla and her socialite friends as they jet set around the world in glamor and elegance.

“We have been to Cannes, the Caribbean, Austria, Germany, Mexico, and our next stop is Dubai, China and India.”

These women are all established and accomplished in their own rights. Vive la Vie cast members are Perla Machaen (executive producer and host of the program), Marcela Pezet (actress), Isabela Camil (actress), Yvonne Cohen (fashion designer), Beatriz Samano, Giovanna Acha (with a background in art drama and music), Ximena de Icaza (director of a company image design), Shahpary Pulido, Eugenia Díaz Ordaz and Marion Lanz Duret.

The series will feature the socialites performing various charitable obligations, partying, and supporting each other in their careers. Expect adventure, a lot of fun, and a few spicy scenes.

“Everyone will have their moment of bad behavior.”

Perla, the producer and host has made the Trump Hollywood her new home, and Miami their party ground. Perla’s home was furnished and decorated by Tui Lifestyle and will serve as the outpost for the ladies when they are in the area.

“I can’t wait to enjoy the place, it’s beautiful,” says Perla.

Although the women have traveled the world, Miami is their desired hot spot.

“We love to explore and enjoy Miami. The Viceroy Miami is one of our favorite spots along with Mint, and the Rokbar.”

Imagine a Latin reality TV without explosions, cat fights or drama. “Not here,” says Perla. No drama TV on Vive la Vie.

“No drama. We are missing the drama, but we have a lot of fun. We respect and support each other. All the girls have become very good friends, however we can explode a fight in the future, not yet.”

The ladies of Vive la Vie believe in fun, life and more fun. Watch these beautiful ladies as they circle the globe, dine at the finest restaurants, and attend the world’s best parties while rubbing shoulders with the elite. These ladies have it all.

Watch Vive la Vie Sundays at Fox Life 9 PM ET,, channel 220, Cablevision and Mondays on UTILISIMA 9 PM ET. For more information, visit

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