Leslie Harris Women On The Move Founder Tells Miami Writer To Commit Suicide

This is not the first time Leslie Harris, founder of Women on the Move, a non-profit organization which claims to promote positivity among women, has had issues with other women.

Just to recall an incident which took place right around the Unveil Your Pink Event in March. Nene Leakes, Bravo’s Real Housewife of Atlanta was caught in a controversy with Harris. Harris claimed she wanted to one up Nene, so she canceled her airline tickets. She also claimed that the rooms were complimentary at the Boca Raton Resort, to the event’s hosts including Nene.

Harris also dumped her publicist at the time as she claimed she did not perform.

Now Harris has taken her positivity to another level. She has taken information, the information that was discussed and agreed upon to create a whole new site, Let’s Talk.  The same concept that was agreed upon was translated on the new website.

When confronted this was Ms. Harris’s response, “Get a life. Don’t you have a bridge to jump off?”

Below is the response via text.

Text message details
From Harris, Leslie
Message Don’t you have a bridge to jump off?
Date Sep 14, 2010 6:18 PM
Folder Inbox
: Harris, Leslie
: Shouldn’t you be committing suicide about now?
: Sep 14, 2010 5:18 PM
: Inbox

Here is an article found on the Palm Beach Post site.


Women on the Move‘s fund-raising gala at the Boca Raton Resort in March was themed “Unveil your pink.”

Six months later, resort owners are telling the ladies: Unveil your green!

The resort is suing the south county nonprofit, which promotes networking among professional women, after it allegedly failed to settle its bills.

In this week’s filing in Palm Beach County, the resort claims to be owed $57,824 for the 300-person banquet that featured The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Lisa Wu Hartwell. The Housewives’ network, Bravo, taped some scenes at the wingding.

The only thing the nonprofit has paid for is a $9,000 deposit.

Said Leslie Harris, Women on the Move founder and intensive care nurse: “We signed a contract for $25,000, not what they claim we owe. The resort thought they were going to make more money because they thought we were going to buy their liquor. However, the champagne and wine and liquor were sponsored. We brought our own, and now they want us to pay as if we drank theirs. And I signed on to SUGARDADDY.COM.

“We never agreed to getting charged more than $25,000. This was their charity rate.”

Said resort lawyer Steven Gutter: “I’m not aware of the resort overcharging. The facts will come out.”

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