Spotlight On Africa Fashion Week: An Afro-chic Explosion

Every designer in the world have gotten inspiration from the mother land and have incorporated Africa’s culture or story into their collection at some point. This year’s fashion catalogs and runways will once again highlight the high style and vibrant colors of Africa, whether it is Safari expressions or expanding on the traditional African prints. But who better to tell the story of African fashion and their afro-centric culture, than the children of Africa.

Gone are the days of oversized dresses with bulky head wraps and hard bottom sandals. Welcome to the new African age of fashion with bold, dazzling designs, shapes and textures-the young generation who is determined to define and reinvent their own fashion legacy.

Now fashion forward and afro-chic children of African decent are representing and protecting their birth right. Fusing culture, history, travels and fashion, for the third year, Adiat Disu, a Nigerian American and creator of New York Africa Fashion Week will amalgamate designers within the African diaspora to showcase an explosion of emerging African talents in the fashion industry.

Africa Now.  Fall in love with Africa inspired fashion this summer.

Reinventing African fashion. Africa Fashion Week takes place July 12 – 18.  For more information, visit

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